The flagship annual event of Enactus St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, Enthusia, attempts to provide amateur college students a sneak peek into the real corporate world. Organized for the freshman and sophomore year students, it is a journey entailing numerous stages which tests and judges them on their business acumen, fortitude, creativity, and presentation. With sub-events like Marketing, Human Resources and Public Relations, Crisis Management, Business Plan and Graphic Designing, we endeavor to inculcate a heightened sense of foresight, understanding and ideation.


With an objective to enhance sensitivity in today’s youth together with harnessing their corporate potential, Outreach is an annual interactive session organized by Enactus St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata (Autonomous). Established personalities from across various fields, address students on socially relevant issues, thereby casting a profound impression on their minds through a spectrum of perspectives.

Such an insightful discussion is directed towards pioneering a culture of corporate minds that bear a social outlook. Through this event, we endeavour to promote an all-encompassing take on entrepreneurship and nurture a league of leaders who aim to alleviate the predicament of people by materializing corporate opportunities.


Through our social initiative Daksh, we aim to fuel every house with the dictum “Educate to Empower”. With a successful collection of over 2,200 books in 2019, from all across Kolkata, we moved a step further in achieving the objective of imparting education to the indigent, thereby bringing smiles to the faces of underprivileged children.

The invaluable collections from households and complexes were shared with hundreds of children from different collaborating NGOs in a bid to gift them the necessities that they have always desired. Thus, continuing with the belief of investing in education, we wish to hold Daksh in the years to come.