With an objective of replacing the prodigal bouquet gifting culture with ethereal painted pots, Project Kalakriti, branded as “Talking Pots”, believes in venerating efforts, regardless of their magnitude. We often find ostentatious bouquets doing the rounds when occasions are knocking at the door, but what good are these bouquets that die with the dying light of day? Instead, be the round-peg-square-hole and gift your loved ones a Talking Pot – a promising specimen of positivity and growth. Under the project, our beneficiaries paint varied customizable designs on earthen pots, with the help of organic colours, thereby offering a present that grows with time.

Since its inception in 2016, restoring the balance of flora together with invigorating the dying pottery culture and upliftment of the neglected and underprivileged section of the society has been our prime concerns. We harbour the philosophy behind sustainable development and attempt to curb the steadfast proliferation of waste by reducing the consumption of plastic. With more than 3500 pots sold so far, Talking Pots has an online presence on Facebook and Instagram where customers can place orders as per their requirements and an Enactus member gets in touch with them duly.

How we Work

Procurement of Raw Materials

Appropriation of unprocessed and eco friendly raw materials from varied local markets, thus assisting the local vendors in their sales.


Processing the primal matter at the workplace provided by Non Government Organization, reached to through collaborations.

Training Beneficiaries

Sharpening artistic skills of beneficiaries in designing and painting, training in inventory management and essential business skills.

Design Development

New designs are introduced regularly and customized according to the consumer requirements.

Sales Avenue

Exhibitions, retail, e-commerce and corporate tie-ups are the four sources of revenue for the project. The revenue collected is used for their upliftment.


Project Kalakriti envisions the sustenance of livelihood among those who need it along with replacing the wasteful bouquet gifting culture. Aiming to improve the internal air quality in thousands of households, institutions, and corporates, to reduce carbon footprints and generation of plastic wastes to the maximum possible extent, Talking Pots wishes to groove health and happiness to all its customers.

Our Products

The pots are intricately designed and painted by our beneficiaries after primitive training and practice sessions. The pots come in a dazzling variety of shapes and sizes. The pots are available in 3 sizes- Small, medium and large.

Our Beneficiaries

Four years back, Enactus St. Xavier’s had conducted a survey on the living conditions of women residing in the slum areas of Kolkata and that of the potters. This threw light on the unpleasant situation that underprivileged women are subjected to and the daily ordeals that they fight through to earn a nominal income. Even when there bloomed a spectrum of talents in these women, they lacked a suitable platform to showcase it. As for the potters, where once their community was prospering, it has immensely declined now and is on the verge of fading away. Talking Pots was ideated after this survey with the motive to extricate these communities out of the debris of dependence and inadequacy. We firmly believe that the revival of the pottery culture can facilitate the employment of our beneficiaries. Talking Pots has expanded its roots and in 2019, as a collaboration with the NGO, Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta, we employed two former drug addicts in our project to provide them with the social acceptance that they need and to free them from the shackles of debauchery. The proceeds go directly to them, thereby providing them with a sustainable source of revenue. Talking Pots has helped in honing their interpersonal skills, aided the overall development of their personalities and helped in strengthening their roots in society, quite literally.

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