Project Pattrang, initiated in February, 2020 is an attempt to rejuvenate the 2000 year old folk art form, Pattachitra, that draws from contemporary, mythological and historical themes to create stories in paint for recital. By mobilising skilled Chitrakars, we wish to uplift their livelihood through the development of an optimized supply chain and by providing them access to organised markets. By bridging the demand and supply gap, we help our beneficiaries to carve out an independent living for themselves.

How we Work

Contacting Chitrakars

This step involves finding the Chitrakars and collaborating with them.

Design Development

This step involves the development of various types of designs on canvas and products.

Transportation of Products

Once the Patuas paint the canvas, the paintings and the products are transported to us.

Storage of Products

After the transportation of the paintings and products, they are stored in a warehouse until they are sold.

Finding Sale Avenues

The last step is to find sales avenues like exhibitions, cafeterias, restuarants and art galleries.


Our Products

Pattrang offers a wide range of products where each one is unique in design, colour and its intricacies. Our products range from simple artwork on plates and coasters to elaborate wall paintings on 10 - 15 feet long canvases. The Patuas use organic colours for painting, extracted from natural sources like flowers, fruits and seeds.