The average monthly medical expenditure of the families in Bengal’s arsenic belt exceeds Rs. 1400, majorly spent in the treatment of water-borne diseases. Arsenic contamination affects 1.04 crore people in West Bengal alone since the groundwater here contains above 0.09 mg/l of arsenic, which is above the permissible limit. In a bid to lighten this issue of hazardously impure water, Project Shuddhi, founded in 2018, offers a unique gravitational filter, which administers a low-cost filtration technique, thereby making each litre of purified water available at a nominal cost of Re. 0.085.

Comprising a terafil candle and a mineral cartridge, the filter successfully sieves out fatal impurities like iron, arsenic and other bacteria from contaminated water. With a mechanism that allows overnight filtration of water and capacity of filtering 155 litres of water every week, the product provides water which is devoid of impurities, dust particles, bad odour, and turbidity.

A balanced amalgamation of science and humanity, Project Shuddhi is an attempt to alleviate the grave scenario of potable water accessibility in West Bengal. By bringing hassle-free potable water solutions right at the doorstep of the needy and at affordable prices, the project aims to quench the thirst of a million parched throats who struggle to afford something as basic as clean water.

How we Work

Training and Development

Trained the beneficiaries on maintenance and cleaning of the filter. After every three months, the beneficiaries distribute the cartridges.

Beneficiaries Recruited

5 beneficiaries with aberrant income have been recruited through wage system for manual work.

Focus Groups Conducted

Conducted awareness campaigns and health camps in villages and created awareness among the residents.

Curation of Unique Filters

Developed exclusive mineral cartridges and government implied terafil technology capable of removing iron and arsenic.

Surveys in the Villages

Surveyed over 1500 people across 5 villages. Multiple camps are organized for increasing awareness of the ill effects of polluted water.




The filter uses biodegradable Terafil filtration which is a Government of India technology.  It is comprised of a 6 layer mineral cartridge and satisfies IS:10500 standards. The 9L+9L Blue Filter is of affordable and unmatched quality.


The 4L+8L modular plastic filter contains a 6 layer mineral cartridge that satisfies IS:10500 standards, with enhanced aesthetic. The silver nitrate impregnated ceramic candle has improved its's functionality and it's filtration rate by 5 times.


An ambitious attempt to curb plastic use, the Steel and Matka filter is made of high-grade steel and carefully sourced Matkaa which enhances the durability and efficiency. The lower body is available in steel or clay.

Lives Impacted

Our project has already made way into many remote areas of West Bengal like the districts of Purulia, Nadia, and parts of North 24 Parganas impacting the lives of 8700 people. Apart from the consumers of the filter, hired workers fall within the ambit of our beneficiaries. Around 60,000 litres of contaminated water is being filtered per month per village, effectively saving Rs.15,280 as disposable income for each family in a year.

It has created a total annual source of revenue of almost Rs.54,000 for 5 individuals across 5 villages within 1.5 years. With an objective to touch many more lives, we expect to expand operations and modify the product as well as curate and create better technology so as to alleviate the plight of the affected communities.

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